• Classora Media Support

    Classora Media Support: the most accurate suite of semantic services for digital media

    This suite provides digital media with a semantic repository that allows them to label contents, increase traffic indicators, promote content-reuse, improve user navigation and maximize presence in search engines and social media.

  • Classora Knowledge Base

    Classora Knowledge Base: the largest knowledge base in Spanish for the Internet

    More than one million files of peoples, companies, places... thousands of ranking, charts, maps and graphs. Powered by automatic bots, available in English and Spanish, with applications for mobile devices (iPhone, Android) and Facebook.

  • Classora Bank Advisor

    Classora Augmented TV: the new generation of tools for consuming television

    A complete set of tools that can enrich all kinds of TV products (movies, series, EPGs... etc.). This service provides value based on the text of the subtitles and other available digital texts. Simply, the future of TV...

Who we are and what we do

Classora Technologies is the leader company in Spain providing services for labeling texts of digital newspapers and interactive TV. More than 30 press companies all over the country have entrusted to Classora Technologies the labeling of their news and the enrichment of their contents. This is because the automatic results of the service are really accurate, and the technical support... just brilliant.


Media Support

The semantic services of the Classora Media Support suite provides the media with an original database to increase their traffic indicators (pages/visit ratio and number of visits), encourage content reuse, maximize their presence in search engines and improve user experience. Read more


Knowledge Base

Classora Technologies has developed an innovative technology: a knowledge base oriented to data analysis. Its objective is to offer a different perspective of the information available on the Internet. It integrates data from many open sources, enriching the result. Read more


Augmented TV

It is a service aimed to enrich EPG's (Electronic Program Guides) and, in general, any deferred program (movies, tv series) using the text from the subtitles. The information can be displayed on the device itself (tv) or on an auxiliary second screen (tablet, smartphone). Read more

About us

Classora Technologies has developed a cutting edge technology based on extraction, integration, modeling and visualization of data gathered from multiple sources. Our goal is to provide media with semantic technology and a unique reference material which would enable them to increase their traffic indicators, streamline processes, encourage content reuse, maximize their presence in search engines and improve user experience.

In addition, Classora Technologies is the largest knowledge base in Spanish thanks to the volume of structured information it stores: more than two million of fact sheets of people, companies, locations...; thousands of reports, maps and graphs; and hundreds of millions of potential comparative analysis. The information is being constantly monitored by Classora's loading robots in the official data sources, thereby ensuring the quality of the information.

Featured customers in semantic services

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La Nueva España Faro de Vigo Levante EMV
La Información Radio Huesca Diario del Alto Aragón
Diario Información La Provincia DLP Diario de Mallorca
La Opinión de Coruña La Opinión de Murcia La Opinión de Málaga
La Opinión de Tenerife La Opinión de Zamora Diari de Girona
Regió 7 Superdeporte Diari de Empordà
Diario de Ibiza La Voz de Asturias Mallorca Zeitung
Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa Audience Circles La Gaceta
Universidad de La Coruña Sociedad Oncológica de Galicia Cinfo
Editorial Prensa Ibérica Grupo Godó Corporación Voz
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