Classora Technologies

Classora Technologies has developed a cutting edge technology based on extraction, integration, modeling and visualization of data gathered from multiple sources. All this has allowed us to create a suite of semantic tools of the latest technology as well as develop the largest knowledge base in English and Spanish on the Internet thanks of the volume of information it stores: Classora Knowledge Base. More than a million of data sheets of people, companies, places..., thousands of rankings, maps, charts; and hundreds of millions of potential corporate analysis. Using this technology, Classora has been able to create different products and sectoral services, specialized in providing added value to traditional data treatment processes in companies.

Our values

Driven by enthusiasm, eagerness for innovation and extensive prior experience in Bussines Intelligence (BI), Geographic Information System (GIS) and ETL processes, Classora is based on the following fundamental values:

  • Boosting technological development and quality in order to provide our clients with the most modern and reliable technological platforms.
  • Providing innovative, effective and efficient solutions to problems not solved by existing companies.
  • Prioritizing professional development and the constant increase of the knowledge of the members of the company, in an excellent work environment.
  • Assessing new lines of proprietary software, studying its viability and potential profitability.

Why work with Classora Technologies?

Classora Technologies provides several differentiating values. The following are the main reasons for working with us:

  • Because Classora Technologies is the Spanish start-up with the most ambitious and innovative technology oriented to communications and media services. With this technology, Classora has succeeded in creating a large database in Spanish and English, which enrich editorial content in an unprecedented way.
  • Because quality is our policy. Classora projects are based on a company's internal and external data in order to seek a new competitive advantage. But we can only succeed on our work provided as the extracted information we show is accurate and trustworthy.
  • Because we have a high specialized team skilled in digital media consulting, semantic technology and data mining; with a vast experience working with important Spanish companies.
  • Because Classora is one of a few companies with the experience of having formalized in fact sheets and published data on more than two million elements gathered from more than 50 different sources of information. Only 4 companies in the world (2 in the USA, 1 in the UK and 1 in Germany) have surpassed this figures.

We have the strongest conviction that our technology holds a huge potential for contributing to the increase of business in digital media and content platforms. We offer services and solutions that may be key factors in reinforcing the internal organization of your information and, in doing so, maximize the performance of your data. We look forward to working together.