References of Classora Technologies

Classora Technologies has developed a cutting edge technology based on extraction, integration, modeling and visualization of data gathered from multiple sources. All this has allowed us to create a suite of semantic tools of the latest technology as well as develop the largest knowledge base in English and Spanish on the Internet thanks of the volume of information it stores: Classora Knowledge Base. More than a million of data sheets of people, companies, places..., thousands of rankings, maps, charts; and hundreds of millions of potential corporate analysis. Using this technology, Classora has been able to create different products and sectoral services, specialized in providing added value to traditional data treatment processes in companies.

Important Clients using Semantic Services:

La Vanguardia La Voz de Galicia El Economista
El Confidencial Mundo Deportivo El Correo Gallego
Europa Press 20 Minutos Heraldo de Aragón
La Nueva España Faro de Vigo Levante EMV
La Información Radio Huesca Diario del Alto Aragón
Diario Información La Provincia DLP Diario de Mallorca
La Opinión de Coruña La Opinión de Murcia La Opinión de Málaga
La Opinión de Tenerife La Opinión de Zamora Diari de Girona
Regió 7 Superdeporte Diari de Empordà
Diario de Ibiza La Voz de Asturias Mallorca Zeitung
La Gaceta Cinfo Gadisa
Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa Audience Circles Inmobiliaria Atlanterra
Universidad de La Coruña Sociedad Oncológica de Galicia Inmobiliaria Araucaria
Editorial Prensa Ibérica Grupo Godó Corporación Voz
Grupo Henneo

Clients members of Classora have worked for: