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The second thematic app based on Classora Knowledge Base: Classora Finance, is now available. It is a tool dedicated to explore historical stock market data in the shape of rankings of companies for IBEX-35, NASDAQ and Dow-Jones Indexes. Classora Finance also includes lists of countries ranked according to different economic and financial indicators.

Classora Finance is a clone of our first mobile application: Classora Sports. Classora Finance is available for both iPhone and Android systems. And, of course, Classora Finance is free (maybe only temporarily) and has no advertisements.

Classora Finance

The data available in Classora Finance for companies listed on the IBEX-35, Dow-Jones, NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Composite are:

  • The monthly amount of stock transactions
  • The stock prices at the end of each month
  • Monthly share appreciation rights

With Classora Finance you can also consult other reports such as:

  • Per Capita Income and GDP of countries according to the World Bank.
  • GDP of Spanish regions.
  • Per Capita Income and GDP of each state of the USA.
  • Unemployment rate in all Spanish regions, the countries of the European Union, USA and Japan.
  • Demographic data of countries according to the World Bank.
  • Demographic data of municipalities, provinces and regions of Spain.
  • Infrastructures such as paved roads, bridges, high-speed trains, airports, etc. according to the World Bank and other sources.
  • Information about natural resources, such as the number of Blue Flag beaches in each Spanish region.

You can analyze the evolution of companies in every Index in which they are listed and personalized your interests to be up to date with the financial information in a fast and easy way. In short, you can consult data and find out interesting information through a new perspective.

Remember that Classora Finance is free and without ads. Please, if you download the app, a positive comment and a good rating would be much appreciated. You would be doing us a big small favor.