Classora Augmented TV

Classora Augmented TV

As with Augmented Reality (AR), Augmented Television consists in complementing the viewing of television contents (movies, TV series, documentaries, news programs, sport events, etc.) with additional information in order to enrich user experience.

Classora Augmented TV is a service that automatically detects all entities about which information can be found and present it to the users. The user decides which additional information wants to visualize while watching a TV program: encyclopedic data, image galleries, messages from different social networking sites, maps, sport standing tables, etc. This additional information can be viewed directly in the TV screen or in second-screen devices (tablets... etc.).

Augmented TV

Enhancement in Electronic Program Guides (EPG's)

This service semantically processes the text of an EPG (including synopsis of movies or TV series) and locates the relevant entities about which enriched information can be shown: people, places, companies, etc. The service can work in real time, although the results can be optimized by previously pre-processing the deferred products.

This semantic enrichment can be transferred to the TV screen using any text available in the EPG's, for instance:

  • Names of shows or sport events
  • Synopsis of movies or TV series
  • Real-time processed or pre-processed subtitles

Therefore, a TV user may, from the sofa and using the TV remote, perform on-demand searches about any content related to what is being shown on the TV the user can check out what is being said on Twitter about a particular event, consult encyclopedic information about a person, see maps and charts, make comparative charts, etc.

All this without having to resort to Google, Wikipedia, or Facebook: directly as an additional enriched content of the TV. This content could be displayed on the TV screen or using second-screen solutions.

Enhancement of deferred TV content (movies, TV series) using subtitles

This service receives an SRT file with the subtitles to a movie or TV series. After a semantic processing, an XML/JSON/HTML file is produced, with enriched information about a movie/TV series, including characters, places and companies mentioned in the dialogues.

The enrichment provided by this process produces optimal results because the texts and dialogues are known beforehand and therefore it is possible to perform a comprehensive semantic processing (not limited by the demands of real-time television)

Once a movie or TV series has been processed, the enrichment file is permanently attached to it and can be reused when necessary.

Why using Augmented TV?

There are several reasons why Classora Augmented TV may translate into a clear advantage for TV networks, cable operators, EPG developers and interactive services:

It is a natural tendency in TV content consumption, the arrival of interactive TV and other devices with similar capabilities (TV, PC, laptop, cellphone, tablet... etc.) has created an enabling environment for cross-platform contents. Consumers perceive this to be the natural evolution of technology and are more and more demanding in this respect.

Facilitate the entrance and segmentation for personalized advertising, accessing to product catalogues in a TV channel is easier due to the added value content. User navigation can be used to segment profiles and make suggestions for each individual.

Provides an unprecedented database, the innovative product Classora Augmented TV includes an original and constantly updating database of people, companies, places and institutions. The user, thus, can get information directly from the TV channel, without the need to open a browser to access other external sources of information like Google or Wikipedia.

Contributes to a more addictive navigation, providing better connections between the contents: users can access news/contents related to any person/institution/company, keeping them interested with suggested contextual contents.

Easy and transparent integration, the incorporation of the services of Classora Augmented TV in digital media systems is practically transparent (both in back-end and front-end). Classora provides a very simple API and supplies the data in an exchange format adapted to the customer's system.

Technology based on standards, both the semantic algorithms and the data loading robots that Classora uses are in-house technology based on latest generation standards. Classora Technologies makes every effort to stay informed about the latest trends in technology in order to provide our customers with the best services.